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About Us

Providing best Technology Solutions and Services in various Industries.

Bay Area Technology Solutions is a Technology Solutions provider with Experienced & Certified Automotive, Software Development, IT Network, Security & IT Automation professionals whose purpose is to help Client to reach their goals. Each representative has years of experience in various Technology Solutions & Services. You can expect the maximized return on your investment when you outsource your needs to Bay Area Technology Solutions, as a Solutions to you, we provide the utmost in customer service.

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Our Partners
Our Clients
Our Vision & Mission

Was founded on a Vision of providing hands-on, client-focused Design and Engineering Solutions has aligned itself with industry-leading partners to offer powerful and cost-effective Services for our customers of all types Industry.

Our business focus and value is offering Technology Solutions with IT & Non IT Industry of small and medium-sized Enterprise Business customers.

Our Mission is to provide exceptional service by delivering high quality and secured Engineering Solutions that allow our clients to effectively meet their business goals.

Our Technology team embraces a hands-on, practical approach to projects while also leveraging leading edge technology, client collaboration approaches, and the development of new and better techniques to deliver more successful projects, and an improved project experience for our clients.

Our Values

Ethics, Honesty & Confidentiality

Customer Relationship & Mutual Respect

Team Work