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Robotic Process Automation

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Sales & Distribution (SD)
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Supply Chain (SCM)

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Ever-increasing regulations and costs make business processes in this industry complex, time-consuming, and error prone.
No single technological platform for the several disparate systems in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health care insurance companies, physicians and research organizations.
This forces healthcare organizations to increase their efficiencies within their own processes.
Diverse and complicated IT environments.
Multiple applications, file formats, and systems.
Extensive usage of aging legacy applications.

Dependency on experts for database maintenance, verification, and compliance.

Benefits of implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The accuracy and precision in the quality of work that this brings in, post the automation.
Minimization of errors as the whole process is completely automated, hence cutting down the chances of human errors.
Each action can be recorded, analyzed and then optimized for better performance in future executions.
Auditing, reporting can be achieved by this with the utmost ease.
Reduced human intervention, and when needed necessary Human Tasks are created.
Availability – 24 x 7 a week, 365 days a year guaranteed.
Absolutely no IT support required as these Robotic Process Automation software can auto-feed the steps to check on what’s going wrong in Security.
Brings down operational challenges to zero as these are completely manageable locally.
Sensitive data can be processed by RPA software robots under strict surveillance, thus hiding these details from the humans.
Ability to route work based on the load that a single unit of RPA software robot can handle.