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Smart Cities Initiatives – IntelliPark Systems

Smart Cities Initiative – Auto Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Cities around the world are becoming smarter. They are implementing initiatives to promote greener and safer urban environments, with cleaner air and water, better mobility and efficient public services.

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A complete ANPR system performs the following steps

1. Capturing video images on the camera image sensor
2. Preprocessing of the image for optimal license plate detection
3. License plate detection and cropping
4. Processing the cropped license plate image for optimal character finding and recognition
5. Capturing the characters and recognizing the complete license plate code, optionally with country or state code and any
additional information fields
6. Storing and processing the license plate code according to application-specific needs

Smart Cities Initiative – Data Analytics using Telematics Tires

Fully Loaded Features
Reporting & Analytics
Lifecycle Management
Cloud Features

  • Images, tags, and condition history for every tire
  • Analyze impact from logistical lanes, applications, and locations
  • Cloud-based and hardware-agnostic platform
  • Serialization for cradle-to-grave analysis
  • Bluetooth® data capture integration
  • PSI and tread data for each tire
  • Assess tire consumption for planning
  • Pull points for tread wear analysis
  • Alerts for deviations of fleet standards
  • Identifies top and bottom tire performers

Smart Cities Initiative – Data Analytics using Telematics Plugs

1. Built-in sensors and microcontroller to reliably and accurately track driving behavior parameters such as acceleration, braking and cornering forces, then transmits this data to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth.
2. Help to improve safety by identifying aggressive driving behavior.
3. Registers car crash severity and can help to save lives by enabling faster emergency response times.
4. There is no connection to the car’s IT infrastructure, where any risk of hacking is eliminated.
5. In the case of an accident, the Telematics Plug sends information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth’. Drivers’ then receive immediate help in shape of an emergency call initiated by a call center agent who received GPS data for emergency services.